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Designers from PrivateHouse will make all that couldn’t be done oneself. They will create an interior design comfortable for both work and life. You will get positively surprised by the way a standard home or office is changed after our specialist work on it. It doesn’t require all old things being thrown away. On the contrary, we will find interesting solutions so that all the things dear to heart are kept.

Interior design with PrivateHouse includes consists of the following stages:

  • The project is introduced to or designers, they take into consideration all the possible aspects: layout, area, height of ceilings, your lifestyle and the style you prefer the most.
  • After the initial stage, drafts are made so that you could see the way the design could be changed. This is done even in case of some small premises.
  • When all the details are agreed on, 3d visualization is prepared thus enabling you to envisage the project in details. At this stage corrections and additions are possible.
  • After that, estimations are calculated. At this point interior design procedures finish and implementation starts.

Заказать дизайн интерьера в PrivateHouse

Принимая это решение, вы получаете уникальный, функциональный и удобный интерьер. Кроме того, вы получаете прекрасную возможность сэкономить, так как мы отлично умеем оптимизировать расходы. Клиентам, заказавшим дизайн интерьера и ремонт квартир, мы предоставляем выгодные предложения от поставщиков и партнеров компании. Цена за метр рассчитывается индивидуально. Выполняем дизайн интерьеров различной направленности: дизайн дома, интерьер офисов, салонов красоты, фитнес-центров, кафе и ресторанов.

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Interior design

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