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Combining two apartments into one, coordinating project documentation in the district administration, developing a loft-style design project and finishing “turnkey” – these were the tasks that the client turned to us with. We started with the development of project documentation. The union of two apartments is considered a reconstruction, therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the project and provide for all the nuances of redevelopment. The second stage was the approval of the project in the district administration, which took about one month. Only after that our designers were able to start developing the design project. A lot of wood, leather and metal were used in the interior. They did not overload the ceiling – they left it white, only in the living room area they decorated it with wooden beams. The kitchen, dining area, living room and office are a single space that is zoned by partitions with a wooden frame. A special request from the client was a home theater, so we placed a comfortable sofa and blackout curtains in the living room.