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Residential Complex Design

Innovative Solutions and Optimal Positioning

Modern trends in architectural design of residential complexes take into account not only the unique characteristics of the terrain but also the needs of the target audience, making each project unique and competitive.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where urban infrastructure development poses threats to comfort and environmental safety, residential complexes are evolving into more than just living spaces; they are becoming fortified sanctuaries for those who appreciate quality living and harmony with the environment.


Professional Team for Designing Unique Complexes

PrivateHouse is an architectural firm specializing in the design of residential complexes across various regions, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with expertise ranging from architectural design to marketing research.


Tailored Approach to Every Project

We recognize that each plot of land possesses unique characteristics and demands a tailored approach. Our team conducts thorough analyses of terrain data, considering geographical context, landscape features, and the future residents’ requirements.

From Conceptualization to Realization: Concept Development and Design

We craft design schemes and develop unique design codes for each residential complex project. Our conceptual solutions encompass master plan development, creation of pedestrian and transportation links, as well as determination of construction timelines and infrastructure layout.


Modern Trends and Global Concepts

We stay abreast of contemporary architectural trends and global concepts to address market demand and target audience needs effectively. Our projects stand out for their modern architecture and innovative solutions that blend functionality, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability.


Marketing Positioning and Promotion Strategy

Thorough competitor and target audience analyses inform the development of effective marketing strategies. Our aim is to create products that reflect developers’ features while considering local characteristics and potential buyers’ needs.



PrivateHouse isn’t just an architectural firm; it’s a team of professionals crafting unique and innovative residential complexes, tailored to each region’s specifics and residents’ requirements. Our mission is to create spaces where people can live in harmony with nature and themselves.