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Design of cottage settlements

Creating an Innovative Residential Environment

In the world of modern architecture and real estate, creating a unique and attractive cottage village requires not only creative design, but also an in-depth analysis of the area, market demand and competitive advantages.

PrivateHouse Architecture exceeds expectations in this regard, offering integrated solutions based on professionalism, innovation and an understanding of the unique needs of each region.


Analytics and Conceptual Design

The process of creating a cottage village begins with an in-depth analysis of the initial information about the site, geographical context of the territory and market needs. PrivateHouse’s team of analysts conducts thorough research to identify the specifics of the area, the preferences of potential buyers and competitive advantages.

Based on this analysis, the design code of the settlement project is developed, reflecting its unique features and concept. Each PrivateHouse project is not just a set of buildings, but a holistic architectural idea that integrates into the environment and meets the challenges of modern lifestyle.

Modern Solutions and Marketing Strategy

PrivateHouse not only creates beautiful and functional settlements, but also develops marketing strategies that make them attractive to potential buyers. Modern architecture and innovative solutions take into account not only market demand, but also global trends and concepts.

PrivateHouse’s marketing positioning is based on a deep understanding of the target audience and competitor research. Each project is developed taking into account the needs and preferences of the target group, which ensures the creation of a business product that perfectly meets the demands of the market.


Integrated Solutions and Unique Approaches

PrivateHouse is not limited only to designing buildings. We also take care of forming the infrastructure of the settlement, creating a comfortable pedestrian and transport environment, as well as determining the construction stages to maximize the efficiency of the process.

Each PrivateHouse project is the result of joint efforts of a professional team working towards a common goal: to create innovative and unique cottage communities that meet both the needs of the developer and the expectations of the target audience.



Designing cottage settlements is not only an art, but also a science. PrivateHouse successfully combines both aspects, offering complex and innovative solutions that make our villages unique and attractive to potential buyers. Our team is ready to realize any ambitious ideas and create the perfect place for your future home.