When carrying out any repairs, whether it is an update of the decoration or a major transformation of an apartment, it is recommended to involve professionals. After all, only an experienced specialist will be able to perform the work efficiently and accurately on time. Only compliance with all the algorithms and subtleties of the construction business will make it possible to implement all the design decisions and personal preferences of an owner of an apartment.

The team of professionals from PrivateHouse will fulfill any interior solutions and customer requirements.

A detailed estimate will allow you to eliminate unforeseen costs and determine the cost of repairs even before construction work starts. The main advantage of our company is that we work within the contractual cost and do not go beyond the budget. Our qualified team will carry out all work in accordance with quality and safety standards. The apartment is being commissioned as scheduled.

Repair stages

We vouch for each of our specialists and therefore we can give guarantees on the quality of the work performed at each stage of the repair. The transformation of the apartment accomplishes according to a certain algorithm:

  • An estimate is made. The documentation prescribes the quantity and cost of building materials, prices for the work of professionals, as well as other additional services (such as purchasing and bringing building materials to the floor, assembling furniture, etc.), if any required.
  • Dismantling of old finishes
  • Redevelopment (if required)
  • Laying of new communication systems (water supply, sewerage, heating, electrical wiring)
  • Rough finishing
  • Leveling walls with plaster, floor screed
  • Installation of ceilings
  • Fine finishing (wallpapering, painting walls, laying tiles, installing electrical appliances, etc.)
  • Cleaning of a facility and building garbage removal Apartment commissioning
  • Having furnished an apartment, an owner can immediately settle in for living

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