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Quite few people can tell the difference between a shop and a salon. But it is quite easy to differentiate. An auto shop is associated with some parts for car repair. While auto salon stands for vending expensive new cars. In other words, a salon presupposes sophisticated and expensive products and services. If you are planning to open your own salon, perfect, thoroughly reasoned out design is a must.


Beauty Salon interior design

Stylish and attractive photos not always give the exact understanding of the level professionalism. Not only the way the result looks that is important but also the quality. Obviously, for work of high quality to be accomplished, much space for each of the workers is needed. All the possible details should be taken in consideration depending on the specific character of work.

Design for a nail salon can be imagined without comfy chairs for clients, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Certain level of comfort should be provided for a professional performing work mostly in a seating position. Comfortable chairs, rational working instruments and materials placement, good lighting will increase the effectiveness and quality of work.

We always reach the result that can be proud of. Quality at all stages and attention to each detail are our top priorities. We will accomplish all the work in no time, even when only one month left till the opening regardless of the type of project (furniture salon, sanitary ware shop, etc.)

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Professionals experienced in design

You can have a look at some salons on our website that have been designed by professionals from PrivateHouse Bouw. Each project is a result of tedious work with all the details taken into consideration. We know how important it is for an owner to present products or services the best way possible, to increase number of sales and attract regular customers. We base our work taking into consideration all that.

Let’s analyze the example of interior design of a flowers salon. The uniqueness and beauty of every bouquet should be regarded along with the placement of the flowers. Workplace should be also designed in a proper way so that it would be comfortable for florists to arrange flowers. The best result requires individual approach so ready-made table and shelves for wrapping materials will not be suitable for such kind of project.


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