Alexey Chekhovsky, founder of the PrivateHouse architectural and construction company.

With steadfast consistency and commitment to excellence, PrivateHouse has excelled in the Belarusian market since 2008, conquering international expanses since 2017. During its inspiring journey, the company, under Alexei’s keen guidance, has realized more than 1,000 project designs across the globe, from the Netherlands to Ukraine, from Vancouver to Moscow and Kazakhstan.
Tireless in his pursuit of excellence, Alexei set out to explore the construction market in several US states, hoping to find new opportunities to realize his ambitious ideas. Currently, the PrivateHouse team is putting its resources into an investment business in Italy, renovating old properties and giving them new life.
The year 2014 saw the birth of 8stm, a dealer company specializing in the sale and installation of high quality Belgian roofing and facade materials. Today PrivateHouse has offices in various corners of the globe, marking its mark in a variety of fields.
Alexey personally takes an active part in the management of the company, investing his passion and insight into each project and inspiring the team to great achievements.

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